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How It Works for Investors

Student Housing Sites is a service to real estate investors focusing on off campus, student purposed housing.  We source off campus deals, then match them to your specific investment criteria so you can spend time doing more deals.  Here's what we do for you...


1. We Crowdsource Off Campus Real Estate Nationwide is a network of local brokers and national real estate professionals actively working in 100+ of the Top Student Housing Markets Across the US.  By leveraging our nationwide network of affiliates we access real-time, local knowledge and crowdsource new opportunities to keep a fresh pipeline of new sites.  From off-market assemblages prime for development to value-add and acquisition investments, we make it our business to bring all available potential Student Housing Investments to one place, for your benefit.


2. We Do The Grunt Work | Curating Potential Investments

As the off campus real estate sub-market grows more and more competitive, we are constantly expanding into new, viable markets across the US.  From listed properties to off market assemblages - as we discover new investment opportunities, we don't just hand you the site information and say 'good luck'.  We pride ourselves in sourcing new opportunities, curating the site-specific details and surfacing crucial pre-development info you need.  Now instead of spending time evaluating a 'dead' site - you can get the 'skinny' upfront and spend your time on investments that will be worth it.


3. We Match Great Investment Sites to Our Investors

Creating long term, profitable relationships with our investors are our #1 priority.  Our interests are directly aligned in that our fee is only paid at closing - if we don't match you to a site, we are not successful. Therefore; as we receive and evaluate sites, we are immediately determining an investor match, based on the site specifics.  As an investor, you will share your criteria and discuss with a consultant and so we can quickly inform you of new sites that match.  For each site we deliver, you will understand the upsides, and the hurdles, to take a deal to closing.  Join as an investor and let's get started in finding your next great off campus investment.

Join as an Investor Today

There is no obligation to joining as an investor.  Our interests are directly aligned as we work to find a great investment match for your criteria.

What We Do

Gather Information From 100+ Markets

Our network of broker relationships reaches across the US, once you become a member you are immediately leveraging the SHS network.

Zoning Information

The necessary evil that comes with the territory for SH development in 2018.  Local markets vary on process and climate, but we work to keep you up to date on how to get local support to push the deal through to closing.

Assemble Properties

We speak directly with multiple adjacent owners in prime locations and markets in order to.  We constantly have properties that are assemblages and will inform you on a case by case basis on how to approach ownership.  We entertain the challenge of assembling properties so that you can simply come in and make on offer without all the hassle of dealing with multiple owners up front.

Offer Local Knowledge

Who do you need to speak with locally to ensure a smooth process? Zoning attorneys, civil engineers, surveyors and local influencers - we will understand the dynamic so you can determine the specific approach.  We are connected directly in the communities and can offer local input.

Entitlement Info

Does it need a rezoning?  Special use permit?  What are the parking requirements and what will it take to build to reach our numbers? Most properties need approvals and we can give guidance on what they will be for each sites.  We will help you understand the entitlement info on a preliminary basis so that you may better understand the process of acquisition.

What We Don't Do

Brokerage Service is not a brokerage, we are student housing specific consultants. We service investors by sourcing, curating and providing information to investors.  When the information and service we provide results in the form of closing on a property,  that triggers a performance fee.  We do not represent, negotiate, create contracts or provide brokerage services to investors unless requested.

Provide Legal Advice

We are not attorneys and recommend you an attorney as needed through the acquisition process.  If you would like local connections to zoning attorney's we can provide that, however we do not provide legal advice.

Execute Rezoning or Entitlements

We will generally understand and relay the information regarding the entitlements process, including rezoning, restrictions, etc.  However, investors are responsible for managing any rezoning and entitlement processes of the investment site.

Construction or Development Services

Once the property is acquired, the investor has responsibility of hiring or managing contractors or a team who can take you through the process of developing the land and constructing the project. This includes land surveys, civil, geo tech, permitting, architecture, environmental, etc or other development items needed vital to constructing a project to capitalize fully on your investment.

Guarantee Entitlements, Approvals or Closing

Our interests are directly aligned - we want to do more deals.  We will give you crucial information needed to take a property to closing, however, there are uncontrollable factors that can inhibit a property from being acquired successfully, therefore we cannot guarantee your success in acquiring an investment.