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How to Succeed With a Great Site

What is the Investment Criteria For a Potential Site?
After working with some of the largest, most reputable and most well capitalized off campus Student Housing developers – here is the real estate criteria of a property that will give you the best chances of getting a deal done.
  • 8,000+ Students Enrolled – The more the better.
  • Near to Campus –  Ideally, the site is directly adjacent to campus and 4 full acres to build a high density project.  However, there are valuable sites that are not adjacent.   Sites cannot be more than 2 miles from campus.
  • Build-able Acreage:  Over 1 acre and up to 50 acres.  Keep in mind, the farther from campus, the more acreage required – ex) If a site is 1 mile away it should have 8+ acres.  (market depending of course)
  • Good location:  Near the university, highly trafficked and concentrated, bar areas, areas with other student housing, etc… – you can help determine location.
  • Investment Property That Will CLOSE – Being a RE Professional you know that the only thing that matters is closing – that’s when everyone wins. If you know it cannot close for any reason (zoning, future use, restrictions, local climate, flood plain, etc…) please do not submit as we value our time in evaluating the submissions.
  • Fully Entitled Properties:  Zoning in place and fully entitled to develop multi-family residential apartments, although it is not mandatory – this expedites your payday 10 fold!!
What Kinds of Investment Opportunities Are You Looking For?
The end result is to build a top notch student apartment development, that brings real value to the local market.  When looking for the land here’s what we look for….
  • Listed or Off Market Sites – All land sites near campus are of interest to us.  Although Loopnet may be a good place to start, you will generally not find the perfect site there. Most of the properties that we close on are acquired through relationships with owners and making contact with the right people locally.  If the site ‘pencils’ an LOI will be submitted asap to be developed.
  • Assemblages – Connecting adjacent parcels near campus to ‘bundle’ acreage.  Once we have owner consensus we can make an offer.  We have dealt with as many as 7 owners of 9 parcels over 16 acres.
  • Land Opportunities – Any raw existing land near the university (within 2 miles) that can or should be developed.
  • Acquisition opportunities – Existing property or properties where seller would be interested in taking an offer.
  • Value Add Opportunities – Operating properties that need a lot of work and owner would benefit by selling. (AKA Value add deals)
  • Demo opportunities – Can you think of any properties near campus that should be redeveloped?  We can redevelop the property to increase local aesthetics and campus atmosphere.