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StudentHousingSites.com is a free information and connection platform to increase the exchange of information and 'deal flow' in off campus student housing.  By working with local and regional brokers to crowd-source local off campus opportunities for national investors, Student Housing Sites offers a new process for faster connections, efficient information sharing and doing more off campus deals.

The best student housing locations are becoming more and more scarce as new players enter the market and the window of opportunity is closing one deal at a time.  It is no longer easy to find good deals.  Off campus investors cannot have a reactive approach to sourcing in this highly competitive market.  That's why Student Housing Sites exists.

Locating great investments, knowing the right information and having the local market connections are essential to success to getting the deal through to closing.  Locate the right opportunities with the right information using the power of relationships to save you time money and energy - so that you can pursue a higher level growth year after year.

We know that information, timing and proactivity make all the difference - that's where we specialize, so that you can do more deals.  Our purpose is to give our broker and investor members a great way to connect, privately to do deals with confidence.

Michael Spencer | Founder


Michael Spencer is a Charlotte based real estate entrepreneur, philanthropist, digital marketing consultant, husband and father.  Michael started his career in Real Estate career ago in '06, working in land sales, new home construction and development throughout the coastal Southeast.  Michael is also self taught in digital entrepreneurship and online business development, having built multiple online brands and and lead generation platforms, for various industries and clients.

For over a decade Michael has worked on a consulting basis for universities, foundations, small businesses, medium size and large companies alike, developing unique, strategic and purpose built value add strategies to meet specialized target goals.

Michael founded StudentHousingSites.com to fill a void in a highly competitive and targeted industry, off campus student housing. As a unique and dedicated service to local brokers and off campus investors to quickly connect on off campus investment opportunities.

In it's inaugural year, under Michael's leadership and crowdsourced information, StudentHousingSites.com generated the connections that resulted in 80MM+ in offers made on local investment opportunities by the StudentHousingSites.com network of capital investors.

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