What is Student Housing Sites, Anyways?

The Student Housing Sites Began With One Mission – help investors and developers off private off campus student housing locate, evaluate and acquire more off campus investment deals.

Circumstances are changing.  The norm is no longer the norm.  Competition is becoming more and more fierce for the best sites in every university market.  Now more than ever, is it important to be ahead of the curve and positioning for the future.  If we are shooting for the stars and aiming to do more, and better, deals that the past, we must think forward.

We are in the information age where everything moves at the speed of light.  We have information at our fingertips, we have apps that tell us all we ever need to know, we have social media where we can connect with others that we may not otherwise have ever know.  Incredible and unprecendented times we live in today.  These are the times where if you line yourself up correctly with the trends, make a few right decisions it can change your life exponentially.

At the same time, if you don’t have a way to position yourself correctly, it is easy to be left behind…and not even realize what you are missing out on until it’s too late.

We had a major realization a couple years ago, that much of the development process is so tidious.

There was a problem in the off campus development

  • There are 900 universities
  • There are 2M brokers
  • There is incredible amounts of investment capital ‘waiting’ to be deployed into high return real estate investments (like student housing)

But many of the developers were not doing any more deals than they did last year.  Some were drowning in paperwork and spending time on bad opportunities and some were settling for doing less deals than last year.


Information overload.  Evaluation overload.  Too many sites in different places, too much time to figure out which deals were actually viable and which ones to move quickly on.


The most important thing to the health of the real estate market – DOING DEALS – is inefficient and as a result capital cannot move as quickly and the market is handicapped.

Essentially, working capital that could be deployed into the market was moving slowly because of a lack of capacity to source, evaluate and make offers on new, viable deals.  Developers only have so much time to do deals, so we saw a great need for bringing off campus real estate opportunities to one place so that investors can deply capital into high return investment and brokers could bring their opportunties to a place where qualified investors are actively seeking their next winning opportunity.

So, nearly nearly a year ago, we began our deep dive into locating and evaluating new opportunities in university markets, with the sole purpose of understanding the industry at a deeper level and determining the larger need.   We spent thousands of hours evaluating markets, mapping parcels, speaking with local and national brokers, owners, universities, local planning coordinators, architects, etc…  all with the aim of finding great real estate for off campus student housing.  The work was new, fun and exciting…but what’s most exciting is what we learned from doing this work.

What we learned since then; and what has happened between our brokers and investors has been nothing short of astounding. Through relationships with local brokers, establishing connections with owners near universities and sharing local knowledge with a pool of national investors,  over the last 12 months we have seen in excess of 70MM+ in offers to purchase university area real estate.

We learned quickly that it wasn’t our own efforts and how hard we worked that determined our success:  The most powerful part of the process was the sharing of local information.


The Sharing of Information.

There is a massive opportunity when local information is introduced to national and international investment capital


In the increasingly fast information age, our knowledge is power. Being the information age we can connect all over the globe, and share important info with the click of a mouse or a text message.   Now local, regional and national brokers can connect to open more opportunities for local real estate.

We have proven this on a very small scale that working together, pooling our knowledge is extremely profitable and triggered a potential movement of 70MM+ in investment capital, in 12 months, from our efforts ALONE.

This pooling of our knowledge is calledCrowdsourcing“. 

Much like user contribute to Wikipedia, or individuals post projects on Gofundme, this INFORMATION of listed sites around the US is sourced by ‘the crowd’ of dedicated brokers looking to connect with qualified capital investors.

Participate in the effort, offer local knowledge and PROFIT.  Boost your earnings this year in a major way with

We have completely reconstructed, a national “crowd-sourcing’ platform to offer this new opportunity to brokers all of the US that have knowledge in local university areas.

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